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This is a recipe I whipped together to test my cooking skills. I made it for my bf’s birthday, but I might make it for my bf’s dinner. It is a dish that you can serve and it is so simple to make.

You’re probably thinking that it’s about bacon, but this recipe is actually based on a great recipe I found on a blog. It uses the best bacon you can find, some fresh breadcrumbs, and a ton of cheese. I didn’t go so crazy with the cheese that it was a cheat meal. But trust me when I say that it is delicious.

You can easily find a ton of recipes online for bacon recipes. I had to make my own, so you can serve this as a side dish or as a meal. It is so simple to make, take out each ingredient and there you go. Plus, you can get it frozen. You can also get it in a box (or a giant package) if you want to save some money.

I just used my oven to toast the breadcrumbs. The problem with that is that once you start using the bacon as the base, it dries out and becomes crumbly. A person would have to use a lot more bacon to offset the drying effect. This is not the case with this recipe though. This recipe uses bacon that is fresh and crisp.

I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I did making it.

In the end, this recipe was so good, I even wrote a little post about it. Check out my last post here.

This recipe uses the same ingredients as the Bacon-Cumin-Olive oil-bacon-sugar-bacon-chili-cornbread recipe that was featured in our recent video.

I’ve been trying to make this recipe for a long time, and for good reason. This recipe is simple enough that it doesn’t require much in the way of ingredients.The only thing you will need is bacon. I like to use the freshest cut of bacon I can find, but this recipe is very forgiving. You can use whatever cut you have on hand. I used the bacon that was on sale at our local grocery store. It’s a favorite of mine.

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