5 Tools Everyone in the tailpipe expander Industry Should Be Using

I’ve often wondered how the tailpipe expander works. It turns out it is a really cool thing, but I never really took it seriously. I didn’t know it was actually a device. I thought it was just a fancy name for a fender-bender.

And so it is. The tailpipe expander is basically a really really good tailpipe. It has a small air intake and a very small exhaust. It pumps air into your car’s exhaust pipe and then slowly expands it to make a loud rattle. It also has air inlet ports for your car’s muffler to vent your exhaust to. It’s a really cool thing.

And then there are the cool powers, such as the ability to make your car look like it has a tailpipe expander attached to it. It is also a really cool way to get rid of your exhaust after a long day of driving.

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